Antique Chinese Ancient Coins


Material: Silver Metal
Set: 12x Antique Chinese Coins in the set
Recommended: Cure illness and prevent unlucky Feng shui
Size: — x — x —


Rare Antique Chinese Ancient Coins is the most recommend for any serious feng shui masters. These rare Chinese coins are antique. It is well known in Ancient China to use Antique coins in feng shui practices the increased energy of the feng shui when used correctly. These Chinese coins set were owned in ancient times by high ranking officials, emperors and tycoons. It is very hard to find these ones even in China or Hong Kong. 

How to choose:

The older the better to increased feng shui energy

Effective Usage:

To be place in a location correctly. please contact feng shui masters for proper use.


Cure illness and unlucky feng shui for business and personal well-being at home.


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